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City To Coast Stainless News

Geelong balustrades for two-storey homes

December 22, 2017 A push for higher-density housing coupled with less available land is translating to smaller blocks in many urban centres. And that means people are turning to two-storey homes to deliver adequate living space on a smaller footprint. At City to Coast Stainless, we can help people turn their staircases and balconies into statements of style... Read more >

Custom designed stainless steel feature walls add timeless appeal

October 31, 2017 If you love the idea of feature walls to add interest to your home or business, have you considered turning to stainless steel to make a design statement? At City to Coast Stainless, we have a passion for this versatile material and have seen first hand how stainless steel feature walls can add real architectural... Read more >

Affordable stainless steel balustrades for Geelong homes & businesses

August 25, 2017 Although balustrades and handrails are a legal requirement, the team at City to Coast Stainless ensures your stainless steel balustrades look stylish and enhance the look of your space. No matter whether installing new balustrading for your home or updating commercial balustrades to meet regulations, we deliver friendly, affordable and reliable work every time. Stainless... Read more >

Your glass balustrading specialists in Geelong

April 28, 2017 If you’ve got a beautiful view from your balcony, why block it? If your staircase needs a light touch, don’t hem it in. And if you have a pool, go for clear visual access for a safe and stylish option. By using glass balustrading Geelong people can find a solution to all the above scenarios.... Read more >

Steel fabrication team expanded for Geelong home renovations

December 21, 2016 If you’re thinking about putting your Christmas holiday break to good use and getting around to some well-overdue home renovations, talk to Geelong’s steel fabrication experts at City to Coast Stainless. We’ve recently extended our staffing capabilities to cover off a huge range of services and provide additional support to our customers over the holidays.... Read more >

Update stainless steel balustrades and handrails to meet regulations

October 24, 2016 Are your stainless steel balustrades and handrails up to current standards? City to Coast Stainless has the expertise and machinery to create stylish and aesthetically pleasing balustrades for your home or commercial property. Did you know: balustrades must be at least one metre high? any glass used in your balustrading must be toughened glass? decking above... Read more >

Stainless steel food grade pipework, custom-made in Geelong

August 26, 2016 Coming up to the busy holiday and Christmas period, if you need food grade pipeworks in Geelong, come to our specialists. From installations through to maintenance and repairs, our team ensures your facility complies with all industry standards and regulations. City to Coast Stainless is proud to be able to offer a specialised service in stainless... Read more >

Geelong steel fabrication for commercial kitchen fit-outs

June 16, 2016 As Geelong steel fabrication experts, City to Coast Stainless has the machinery and industry experience to deliver top-quality commercial kitchen fit-outs. With our new 4-metre breakpress and guillotine onsite, we can customise and fabricate an extensive range of kitchen products. Traditionally, larger pieces like splashbacks and benchtops would require a piece-by-piece completion with multiple joins.... Read more >

Geelong’s only 4-metre stainless steel breakpress

April 15, 2016 Did you know we’re the proud owners of the only 4-metre stainless steel breakpress in Geelong? Brought in as part of our recent premises upgrade, our 135 tonne FOLDMASTER breakpress can fold and cut any sheet metal to fit custom-made designs. We specialise across a huge variety of sheet metal work, including folding and cutting of... Read more >

Geelong’s new FOLDMASTER BreakPress and guillotine machine

February 2, 2016 As part of an upgrade to our premises in 2015, we’re excited to announce we also upgraded our Geelong guillotine and breakpress machine! Where we were previously using a 3-metre sheet metal press, we’ve moved into the big leagues with our brand-new 4-metre FOLDMASTER CNC BreakPress and guillotine machine. Featuring computer numerical control (CNC) technology and... Read more >